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Steampunk Squeak steampunk buy now onlineWritten by

Steampunk Squeak

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Steampunk Squeak steampunk buy now online

Image by Tinkerbots
Squeak’s bum…

Steampunk Squeak steampunk buy now online
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21 Responses to " Steampunk Squeak "

  1. yoborobo says:

    Dan!!!! I love the whole aerodynamic thing you have going here. He has wings AND wheels!! There is something of the insect about him. And I love the different patinas. And I love the box he is standing on! He is very very cool. 🙂

  2. Reclaim2Fame says:

    That propeller rocks!

  3. HeinzUnimog says:

    thats so cool dan nice work

  4. Diana Thorold. says:

    can see him tacking off any moment – wonderful

  5. Tinkerbots says:

    Hi my friends!!!! Thank you ALL soooo much! I am so happy you all like him.. A little different , but Fun Stuff!! 🙂

  6. raveland.robotics says:

    wow!! that propeller is in the right place, well done dude!! 🙂

  7. Christopher Mark Perez says:

    Oh man! This is BRILLIANT!!

  8. Coralie S says:

    I love the irony in this one – a bot named "Squeek" with an oil can as part of his head! Dan, each new creation is pure eye candy!

  9. Tinkerbots says:

    I can’t thank you all enough for your very kind words…
    chia ora…
    Thank you all. I am so glad you like Squeek 🙂

  10. Professor Quentin Ziplash says:

    Can I like him too? Squeek is awesome!

  11. Tinkerbots says:

    Hey Professor Ziplash! Thank you so much my friend 🙂 Your kind words are so appreciated

  12. catbishop says:

    Wow, he’s really amazing.. I have several of those same parts in my studio but nothing this cool will ever happen in there 🙂

  13. Tinkerbots says:

    Thank you both so much 🙂

    LoL! cat~ I think some very amazing and cool things happen in your studio all the time!! 🙂

  14. Catherinette Rings Steampunk says:

    Genius Work ! Totally Awe …wait for it … some !

  15. Tinkerbots says:

    Hi Catherinette Rings!! LOL!! Well thank you very much my friend 🙂

  16. Scottoons says:

    Steamtastic, Dan!

  17. Tinkerbots says:

    Hi Scott!! LoL! Steamtastic! I love it.. Thank you my friend!!

  18. revzillo says:

    This is Awsome !!!

  19. Tinkerbots says:

    revzillo.. Many thanks!!!

  20. revzart_2063 says:

    Now this one belongs in my new group !!

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