Steampunk Goggles Antique WILLSON AQUA Tinted Lenses, Aviator Goggles, Perforated Side Shields 2 Loupes Burning Man - Goggles by edmdesigns by edmdesigns steampunk buy now online

Steampunk Goggles Antique WILLSON AQUA Tinted Lenses, Aviator Goggles, Perforated Side Shields 2 Loupes Burning Man - Goggles by edmdesigns by edmdesigns steampunk buy now onlineWritten by

Steampunk Goggles Antique WILLSON AQUA Tinted Lenses, Aviator Goggles, Perforated Side Shields 2 Loupes Burning Man – Goggles by edmdesigns by edmdesigns

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Steampunk Goggles Antique WILLSON AQUA Tinted Lenses, Aviator Goggles, Perforated Side Shields 2 Loupes Burning Man - Goggles by edmdesigns by edmdesigns steampunk buy now online
Steampunk Goggles Antique WILLSON AQUA Tinted Lenses, Aviator Goggles, Perforated Side Shields 2 Loupes Burning Man - Goggles by edmdesigns by edmdesigns steampunk buy now online

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Vintage RARE WILLSON TINTED Steampunk Goggles, Aviator Goggles, Steampunk Glasses with Clear PERFORATED Side Shields and 2 MAGNIFIER LOUPES – AWESOME ROUND LENSES – Great Retro Look – Goggles and Steampunk by edmdesigns


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This is completely retro, totally cool pair of Steampunk goggles created from a resurrected pair of vintage WILLSON driving goggles. They come with removable double magnifier loupes for an over-the-top Steampunk look. Some people choose to attach the magnifying loupes permanently, but we’ll leave this up to you. This pair has fantastic visual appeal, with perfectly round lenses for an utterly vintage appearance. The most unique feature of these goggles is the contrast between the lightly tinted aqua colored lenses and clear perforated side shields that creates a two-tone appearance. This pair is so unique that the only other time we have EVER seen them was back in early 2009. This is the only other pair of this design we’ve seen since, and they weren’t up for very long even back then. You can scour the internet and you will not find another pair of these available anywhere. If you want something totally unique, then this pair is an absolute MUST HAVE to complete any Steampunk ensemble!

If you have never viewed an authentic pair of antique driving goggles to compliment your Steampunk wardrobe, let’s establish a few ground rules. First and foremost, these are the genuine article. These are actual antique goggles – most of our Steampunk goggles were used as protective glasses worn by motorists while driving, back at the turn of the previous century (1910’s, 1920’s and 1930’s) when many cars and roadsters had either little or no windshield. These were worn to protect against the constantly flying pebbles, stones and debris on what were largely unpaved roads, or roads paved with such poor early paving techniques that they often began to decay as soon as they were made.

For this reason, it is very difficult to find goggles of this vintage that are not full of pock marks in the glass, some even have small gravel and grit still stuck in the surface of the lenses. Driving in the rain would cause corrosion, pitting and staining on the frames, especially if the driver left them in the car wet, so they were in the car and available for his return trip.

However, at the same time, goggles of this era were made at a time when American manufacturing standards were some of the best in the world. Manufacturers, and the workers who manned these factories, took immense pride in their products and the quality of their work. Although there were obvious limitations in the technologies available (it is not uncommon for glass from the turn of the century to have an occasional air bubble, for example), the craftsmanship that went into these products is unlike virtually anything made today. So when we find a pair of antique goggles that are not damaged beyond use from their original owner, not to mention the intervening 80 or 100 years since they were made, it is like finding a rare jewel amidst a quarry of coal. And not just any jewel, but one that is pre-cut with all of its facets gleaming… But enough of the history lesson, let’s get on to the good stuff!

The lenses on these goggles are amazingly well preserved. They have a few pinprick sized specs in the glass – not many, maybe half a dozen or so, and they are very tiny. There are also a couple of very, very light surface scuffs if you hold them in the light at the right angle you might be able to find them. But put these goggles on and they are clean and beautiful, providing crystal clear and unobstructed vision. Far sharper than the glasses that I wear every day. These minimal flaws are only present on the front of the lenses as you might expect. On the inside of the glass I couldn’t find a single flaw, and I’m as harsh a critic as you’ll find. In other words, these lenses are extraordinarily beautiful with virtually no flaws worth mentioning, an incredible stroke of luck considering the age and rarity of this particular pair. Oh, and I almost forgot. The lenses that Willson used for most of their antique driving goggles are practically bullet-proof. The glass is very thick, exceptionally strong and polished to perfection.

Like the nearly indestructible lenses, these Willson frames are a sight to behold. This pair has a nice thick frame around each lens that slopes back from the inner edge to the outer edge so that the frames have a nice surface area for plenty of SHINY gleam. This pair has a double bridge to make the frames super strong. The nose guard mounts are exquisitely crafted and are about 2 or 3 times thicker than the mounts on my glasses. Each mount is finished with a CLEAN, smooth nose pad with just the right amount of pivot. The frames definitely have some signs of age, with loss of gleam in some areas and some scuffs in the finish – but there is absolutely NO corrosion, discoloration, pitting or damage of any kind. These simply have the kind of wear that lets people know that, yes, these are the genuine article, not some cheap modern reproduction, and in this case they just happen to be the mac daddy of them all, bearing the highly sought after Willson name and in a style that can’t be found anywhere – for love, blood or money.

The side shields happen to be the feature that makes this pair so unique. We have occasionally seen other goggles with clear perforated side shields, but it is almost impossible to find them paired with these lightly tinted aqua lenses. It can be months or years before we see these clear perforated side shields without cracking, breaking or even large chunks missing. We scored big-time with this pair. Yes, the color has yellowed a bit, but cut them a little slack, they are about a hundred years old. I think I’ll yellow a bit by 100. The right side shield has a small area on the lower portion that looks as though it has been too close to something hot. There is a bit of an indentation and it seems as though the surface may have actually started to melt, but fortunately this is a very small area, and the heat didn’t cause any cracks or breakage, and even the perforations are still perfectly in tact. The left side shield is perfect, aside from the aforementioned yellowing and the kind of light scuff marks you might anticipate on a pair of driving glasses that are about a century old. The frames on the side shields that hold the clear perforation in place are in excellent condition. They are pretty much in the original shape and contours that they were when they were new, with the occasional dimple or two. And although they have acquired some surface scuffs over their lifetime, they still have an impressive gleam. It is a stroke of luck to find this type of side shield to be preserved so well after all of these years.

The earpieces are stock-straight and can easily be adjusted to your liking. Like all aspects of Willson craftsmanship, they are exceptionally strong.
*** PLEASE NOTE: The pair of goggles being offered has a protective coating on the earpieces, otherwise they are identical to the pair pictured above in every way. The coating provides extra comfort and durability, for a full day of Steampunk fun in the sun – and realizing that the coating might have a tendency to slide off of the earpieces, Willson wisely finished each earpiece with a small bead of metal that prevents the coating from slipping off. Well thought out and brilliantly executed.

This pair measures approximately 5- 3/8ths inches (135mm) wide from hinge to hinge and the lenses measure approximately 2 inches (52mm) high, including the frames – please consider the dimensions when selecting any pair of goggles, and if you have a question please don’t hesitate to ask.

* Please remember, these goggles feature professional frames and the lenses can be removed and replaced with custom prescription lenses or lenses with a different tint by any reputable optician.

Long story short, this is an incredibly rare pair of goggles in pretty amazingly well preserved condition. Don’t settle – get the finest goggles to compliment your Steampunk wardrobe so you’re sure you’ll have no regrets!

edmdesigns is fortunate enough to have been featured on many blogs about our unique, trend-setting jewelry. But our goggles have also been featured on prominent fashion blogs. Here’s a link or two to check it out:

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dozens and dozens of others….you get the idea – our range is the broadest of any Steampunk seller and with many, many years of experience in working with antique & vintage eyewear…Buy with confidence.

An excellent gift item for yourself or someone special.

** GOGGLES: All sales are FINAL with a NO RETURN policy. Please read the descriptions carefully and examine the photos. It is a laborious effort to photograph in such great detail these styles even with our professional photography. All listings depict the very exact details of these exquisite accessories with all its dimensions, impressions, all pertinent information, etc. and once a pair have been sold, they cannot be returned . I welcome your questions, but please ask BEFORE you shop , this makes for a healthier relationship and no disappointments. 🙂

NOTE: All foreign purchases for goggles ship via EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL for a flat rate that is included in the stated shipping costs. If you have any questions, please feel free to convo. Thanks.


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Steampunk Goggles Antique WILLSON AQUA Tinted Lenses, Aviator Goggles, Perforated Side Shields 2 Loupes Burning Man - Goggles by edmdesigns by edmdesigns steampunk buy now online
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