1000 A STEAMPUNK COLLECTION steampunk buy now online

1000 A STEAMPUNK COLLECTION steampunk buy now onlineWritten by


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1000 A STEAMPUNK COLLECTION steampunk buy now online

Image by Tinkerbots
Just arrived~
1000 A Steampunk Collection
I am so honored to be part of this book and to be in such talented company.
Many thanks and hats off to Dr. Grymm aka Joey Marsocci and his wife Allison Deblasio for bringing to life this beautiful book.
If you love Steampunk, this is a must have~

1000 A STEAMPUNK COLLECTION steampunk buy now online
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42 Responses to " 1000 A STEAMPUNK COLLECTION "

  1. antarctica246 says:

    Beautiful Book, Congratulations!!

  2. Tinkerbots says:

    Carol,, thank you so much my friend 🙂

  3. zilladon says:

    you’re so awesome Dan

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  4. Tinkerbots says:

    Hi Patti, It is a fun honor and great fun indeed..
    Thank you so much my friend :o)

  5. Talbotics says:

    Well deserved Dan!

  6. Tinkerbots says:

    Many thanks Tal 🙂

  7. artos_thebear says:

    Oh, very cool! Congrats to you 🙂 I added to my Amazon wish list!

  8. Tinkerbots says:

    Hi Sarah~ Many thanks my friend… Great fun 😉

  9. gbrummett says:

    Congrats and so well deserved!

  10. Rivethead Robotics says:

    Thats great, Dan. Congrats.

  11. crysse* says:

    Yep ! Congrats mate 😉

  12. Doctor Grymm says:

    Awesome having you in the Book, Dan! Your work looks awesome!

  13. ? Reino J says:


  14. Tinkerbots says:

    Many thanks Friends! 🙂
    Thank you so much Joey, Tell Allison thank you for me as well~ You guys did such a Beautiful job on the book. It is absolutely Awesome!
    You’re great friends 🙂

  15. misterladybug says:

    You are part of the reason the book exists my friend!! Congratulations!! So happy for you!!! =D

  16. Tinkerbots says:

    Brian you are too kind my friend..
    Many thanks bro!

  17. TheHyatt says:

    Excellent! Congrats. :]

  18. Tinkerbots says:

    Many thanks my friend,,, I appreciate your kind words… If you have a chance
    to check out the book, It has the most amazing collection of items from fokes around the world… Great stuff!

  19. shaire productions says:

    Congrats! Well-deserved 🙂

  20. Tinkerbots says:

    Hi Sherrie~ Well thank you very much my friend… It is great fun to be a part of …

  21. barberryrose says:

    Looked at the book on Amazon. Amazing photos. On the list for my next order. I’m pleased they had the good sense to include you:)

  22. Tinkerbots says:

    Very kind words~ Many thanks Molly 🙂

  23. wilbura59 says:

    Very Nice, Gotta Check It out.

  24. Tinkerbots says:

    Many thanks… It is very cool…

  25. yoborobo says:

    DAN!! This looks amazing! Congratulations! You be uber awesome, my friend! ;))

  26. Tinkerbots says:

    🙂 Hi ya Pam… Big smiles.. Thank you so much my friend 🙂

  27. andre govia. says:

    Congrats Dan ;–D

  28. Tinkerbots says:

    Thanks mate!

  29. Diadres says:

    wow i would love to attend the event but I live far away, lucky people can enjoyed. Congrats!

  30. Tinkerbots says:

    Thank you very much Diadres 🙂

  31. flickrmao says:

    high-five to good company! my copy arrived yesterday. it’s a great production!

  32. Tinkerbots says:

    High five indeed my friend!! Congrats to you as well… What great fun isn’t it :o)

  33. room17 says:

    Congratulations on the book. I can’t wait to get it. The detail of your work is just so amazing. Kathy

  34. Tinkerbots says:

    Hi Kathy~ Thank you so much for the very kind words… It was a great honor to be part of
    this book and in such amazing company… I know you will enjoy the book very much..

  35. CLASSIC CPL says:

    Congratulations! You captured my imagination with your first post! So creative & quirky! Great to see it is recognised in this way!!

  36. Tinkerbots says:

    Hi my friends 🙂 Many, many thanks ! I appreciate your very kind words and interest in my crazy creations…

  37. billbalance - off a while says:

    Awesome . . . Bravo and Congratulations, My Friend . . .

  38. Tinkerbots says:

    Hi Bill … Many thanks my friend

  39. shaire productions says:

    Just bought this book–you’re famous, friend 🙂

  40. Tinkerbots says:

    Hi Sherrie~ Famous… Hmmm
    I know I see my photo up in the lobby at the Post Office from time to time…
    Thank you so much my friend… Hope you enjoy the book… Great stuff 🙂

  41. Reclaim2Fame says:

    WoW!!! How cool!

  42. Tinkerbots says:

    Thank you so much Will,,, 🙂

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