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Steampunk Gun Mod

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Steampunk Gun Mod steampunk buy now online

Image by TwitchyLizard
Completely 100% hand painted, this gun made for some serious need for backrubs! ^_^

This began completely grey/silver and I slowly added the layers of gold and color to it over the course the weekend. A bit of dry brushing and a whole bunch of time using itsy-bitsy brushes, and viola! Shiny gold steampunk gun.

I also made 2 other guns, a lantern, and a genie lamp that weekend. ^_^

Steampunk Gun Mod steampunk buy now online
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5 Responses to " Steampunk Gun Mod "

  1. ysabela64 says:

    Very cool! Thanks for joining our group and posting this pic! Look forward to seeing more steamy goodness!

  2. elepski says:

    COOL!.. But What WAS it?

  3. TwitchyLizard says:

    Thanks for having me!

    And, elepski, I actually have no idea what it was beforehand. It was a completely random brandless gun that was with the Halloween props. I saw it and immediately thought it looked quite steamy. ^^;;

  4. elepski says:

    Superb!… I actually found a few toy "ray" guns at Walmart that will make great Steam…. and cheap enough that i can justify taking them apart too!

  5. Jimmy Tyler says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Toy guns, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

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