Steampunk (photo by  vonslatt) steampunk buy now onlineWritten by

Steampunk (photo by vonslatt)

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Steampunk (photo by  vonslatt) steampunk buy now online

Image by pashasha
The ideas behind the steampunk sci-fi subgenre have been around since Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, but it was given its moniker in the late ’80s as a speculative-fiction genre, alongside cyberpunk, ribofunk and splatterpunk. While the others peer 15 minutes into the future, steampunk envisions a future that has collapsed onto a re-imagined Victorian past. Steam and clockworks replace silicon logic, brass and copper stand in for titanium and plastic, and airships replace spaceships.

PLEASE NOTE. This is NOT my computer. It was made by Jake Von Slatt. For more info on how he made it, please visit:

Watch the video here:

Steampunk (photo by  vonslatt) steampunk buy now online
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12 Responses to " Steampunk (photo by vonslatt) "

  1. jeremysalejr says:

    Absolutely love this.

  2. David R Munson says:

    Totally, phenomenally amazing.

  3. gigideluxe says:


  4. Paul Jerry says:

    That is freakin brilliant!

  5. farnea says:

    I’m speechless … simply I love it. A masterpiece

  6. customadornments says:

    Richard Nagy is an artistic geek of some excellence! Truly inspiring. Thanks for taking the pic vonslatt.

  7. Pink Albatross says:

    Ooohhh…. I WANT!

  8. earthpages says:

    This is an incredibly creative and effective work! Thanks for making it ccl… I’ve blogged it here…

    If you have any questions please follow this link…

  9. pashasha says:

    hey earthpages.
    this is not my own handywork, just a really cool object i wanted to post here. i sometimes post cool things on my flickr account. i can’t take any credit for the machine or the photo. the computer is made by Jake von Slatt, and you can see the project here on his site:

    please go have a look at how he made it. fantastic!

  10. klothosv2 says:

    ** INSTANT favourite **

  11. lucy?photography says:


  12. Avant-Gardenist says:

    shift forward now, into the past, by way of steam’shop

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