Steampunk Dice study steampunk buy now online

Steampunk Dice study steampunk buy now onlineWritten by

Steampunk Dice study

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Steampunk Dice study steampunk buy now online

Image by V&A Steamworks
This is just a study of an idea to recreate a great idea someone has already done on Shapeways

Using gears to represent the number faces starting with the big one and working down from there.

Here’s a link to the inspiration

Steampunk Dice study steampunk buy now online
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14 Responses to " Steampunk Dice study "

  1. Karf Oohlu says:

    My first thought was Steampunk Borg when I saw the thumb : D

  2. Hammerstein NWC says:

    Made me think of Hell raiser 🙂

  3. Awk' says:

    Man, that’s awesome.

  4. Felipe Descomplicado says:

    Nice! My RPG gang would freak out seing this!

  5. pasukaru76 says:


  6. ?ristan says:

    I’d like to see a final version of this!

  7. Slayerdread says:

    You should do a larger version of this with inner workings, so if you turn one gear they all turn.

  8. BrickWares says:

    Does the "4"’s raised profile throw off the die?

  9. Octopunk says:

    This is great. I imagine people playing at home and knocking over drinks and flinging bowls of chips with every turn.

  10. V&A Steamworks says:

    As a study in how to put it together I would change a few things to make it practical. Probably change some of the gear choices or shrink a side by a tile of two.

    To be fair, it’s more for looks. I would imagine that the whole thing is unfairly unbalanced and would win me 1,000s of dollars in Las Vegas.

  11. Ironsniper says:

    Whoa WIN!!

  12. Imagine says:

    How do they roll? Any number come up more than the others? Very cool. 🙂

  13. libraryrivergirl says:

    Cool looking.

  14. azului says:

    this is the shit

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